Aluthermo Quattro Insulation

Aluthermo Quattro ticks so many more boxes than its main rival ‘Superquilt’. It is the ideal ‘all in one’ material that acts as an insulation material, vapour barrier, sound proofing and roof membrane.

​Weight, installation process

Quattro comes in a more rigid form which eliminates the need for wooden batons to secure it against your conservatory bars, our fitters will leave sufficient ‘breathing space’ so that the insulation can expand and retract according to temperature. Its a quicker installation, less weight which typically takes just one day to install (allow 2 days for larger, glass roofs that require film)

​Room height

The highly compressed insulation layers fit more snugly into the roof-line of your conservatory so that you wouldn’t visibly notice any loss of room height.


Whilst skylights contradict what you’re hoping to achieve from an insulated ceiling we are sometimes able to retain them for you.


U-value is quite similar between the two insulations so no obvious differences through the Summer. However Aluthermo being denser will more noticeably dampen the sound of heavy rain and outranks Superquilt through the colder winter months – you’ll need 2 layers of Superquilt to match just 1 layer of aluthermo quattro

​Replacing panes and panels

Should you need to replace a glass or polycarbonate panel at a later date then its plausible to do so without upsetting your ceiling. Rest assured that should any water come in through the roof then materials are completely waterproof, there’s no risk of water collecting in puddles or being absorbed like plasterboard. At worse water will run down the incline and you’ll notice a drip.

​This insulation is a great all rounder:

  • U-Value of 0.175
  • 13% more thermally effective than 200 mm of mineral wool (Superquilt is the equavalent of 110 mm)
  • Water resistant, rot proof, suppresses condensation
  • Fire protection class Bs1d0
  • Acoustic attenuation 35 dB (noise reducing)

Weight comparison

  • Aluthermo just 750g m²
  • Superquilt = .800g PLUS wooden batons
Aluthermo product comparison
Aluthermo product diagram

Other product comparisons

Aluthermo comparison chart