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Why an insulated ceiling can help turn a conservatory into an office

So, you want to use your conservatory as a home office

But every time you look at your computer, all you see is glare on your screen, making it impossible to read your emails. And sometimes, next door make so much noise you can’t concentrate or talk on the phone! Well an insulated conservatory ceiling could make all the difference.

Say goodbye to glare 

Sun glare on screens restricts vision and can be irritating. It can also cause eye strain and discomfort. That means, watching TV or even just reading your tablet can be difficult too. And so you find yourself in the situation of having the space but not actually being able to use for what you want or need to do.

Well, the good news is that an insulated conservatory ceiling will block harmful sun rays and provide you with a more even light which brightens your conservatory.

Too much outside noise?

An insulated conservatory ceiling will also reduce noise from rain, traffic and noisy neighbours. Giving you the space, peace and quiet to get on with your working day.

But how do I keep my insulated ceiling looking fresh?

Easy! The good news is your insulated conservatory ceiling is very low maintenance – here’s all you need to do:

  • PVCu : occasionally wipe your ceiling with a damp cloth and non-abrasive cleaner – if you smoke indoors you may need to do this more often.
  • Plasterboard: occasionally dust away the cobwebs.

That’s it!

2Hot2Cold offers a wide range of finishes for your insulated conservatory ceilings. All the options we offer will improve the light in your conservatory, making it easier to see electronic screens, as well as helping to reduce external noise, preventing condensation and mould issues, protecting fabrics from sun bleaching, lowering heating cost, and providing better insulation all year round.

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