A conservatory survey before your tiled roof is fitted is essential to ensure the property is evaluated correctly and the planned work meets the standards of the expectation. Many aspects are addressed during the site survey, and they carried by our professional team.

Firstly the access requirements and the storage availability is checked to see the convenience for the access of the delivery vehicles and the spaces for storing the construction materials for your conservatory roof without causing any difficulty to the customer or damage the property.

During the site evaluation, our team of professionals will check whether the conservatory is suitable for roof installation or if there are any existing parts that need fixing prior to the fitting.

The specific dimensions, shape, and positioning of your conservatory will be measured and noted with reference sketches and notes of all windows and doors. Existing services such as drains and sewers will be recorded alongside with any necessary or desired positioning. A ground assessment will be conducted to dictate the depth and the type of foundations your conservatory requires. Also, a risk assessment for health and safety will be completed.

The conservatory survey will give you the right idea about how the installation will be carried out and will save you from any unwanted stress or problems that might occur later in the process.

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