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Written by Lucy Pitts

Do you want a new conservatory ceiling for Christmas?

It’s still only November but excitement about Christmas is building, probably because Covid meant that last year, well, Christmas was a bit of a damp squid for a lot of people.

Is your conservatory Christmas ready?

And if you’re hoping for big family get togethers, or atmospheric Christmas decorations, you may be looking at your conservatory, wondering how to get it looking like a wonderful winter wonderland rather than a leaky, Siberian wasteland.

Insulation and style

For anyone wanting to improve the thermal performance of their conservatory (so that it won’t be too cold, drafty or damp on Christmas day), we recommend a new roof and or ceiling. The insulation that a new roof or ceiling provides can reduce your household emissions, lower your heating bills and turn your conservatory into a much more useable space. Think – no more drafts or leaks and say goodbye to being too hot or too cold.

What’s more, the addition of a ceiling and roof can literally transform your conservatory overnight from a tired, unsightly space to somewhere stylish and chic. With a clean finish, a new ceiling makes your conservatory feel and look more like a room making it the perfect place for a Christmas get together. The addition of a few Christmas lights and a tree, and you’ve got a really atmospheric space to enjoy the day.

Can we install a new ceiling by Christmas?

Well, the answer to this depends. We are still taking bookings for ceiling installations before Christmas. A new ceiling is quick and easy to install with only minor disruption. However, it’s really important to discuss your conservatory, budget and plans so that we can recommend the most suitable solution for you. A new ceiling isn’t always the right answer, and we believe in giving you all the facts, before you decide.

The good news

If a new ceiling is suitable, then as we said, we’re still have availability for a few installations before Christmas. Our installers are also working through Christmas, so if you’re having a quiet festive period this year, this could be the perfect time to book your conservatory in and get the work done.

Let’s talk

If you’re wondering what, if or when to do something about your conservatory, just give us a call. We can discuss options, costs, outcomes and timing so that you have all the necessary information before you make a decision. And whether you have the work done before, during or after Christmas, wouldn’t it be great to start 2022 with a smart looking, useable conservatory space?

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