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Will an insulated ceiling reduce outside noise from rain?
Yes. Outside noise levels will be greatly reduced meaning that you can work, watch TV and enjoy your conservatory even during heavy rain or when you are exposed to heavy traffic noise. A 2Hot2Cold conservatory ceiling uses insulation that has seven layers to provide U-value of just 0.175 and also includes a double lined uPVC cladding. In short, the technology used absorbs the noise.
Will an insulated ceiling eradicate condensation and damp?
Yes, the insulation that we use will eliminate condensation and prevent mould. Condensation is caused when the warmer internal air comes into contact with cooler surfaces of the un-insulated conservatory. This is made worse if you close your conservatory doors to keep the rest of the house warm because that reduces the ventilation. Equally, however, a cold conservatory will cause damp as cold air contains moisture.


2Hot2Cold insulated ceilings are specifically designed to include discreet air vents and space to allow your conservatory to breathe. It will also keep the warmth in your conservatory all year round greatly reducing the opportunity for damp and condensation to form. And because your conservatory is nice and snug in the winter, you don’t feel the need to have to shut the doors so much.

How long does it take to fit an insulated ceiling?
The majority of installations are completed within one day. We will provide you with an estimate of how long the installation will take. The installation time will depend on the condition of your conservatory.
How should I check the condition of my conservatory
Make sure your conservatory isn’t leaking. Although a 2Hot2Cold ceiling won’t be damaged by a small amount of water, you should ensure that your roof is leak free before you book your installation. In exceptional circumstances, where very small leaks are present, our installers can temporarily repair the roof from the inside using silicone gel. But please note that 2Hot2Cold can’t take responsibility for this repair and our warranty will not cover it.

Check that your roof panels are well fitted and form a level and uniform surface which doesn’t lift up.

Ensure your roof joists are of equal depth to allow a level ceiling to be fitted. This is particularly important if your conservatory is a self-build, so please check that it has not been built using different sized joists.

If you have any doubt about the condition of your conservatory please email us photographs. We can carry out a free survey to put your mind at rest.

In our experience, a conservatory is unlikely to be in good condition if it’s 15+ years old and hasn’t been maintained. If the conservatory is in a poor condition when we arrive on site and we cannot install your ceiling, we will not be able to return your deposit.

How long will installation of my new insulated ceiling take?
The majority of installations are completed within one day. We will provide you with an estimate of how long the installation will take.
Are your fitters sub-contractors?
All of our fitters work only for us. They have been fully trained and have worked for us since the company began. They take immense pride in their work and leave customer homes clean and tidy. This is reflected in our consistent 10/10 customer rating on Checkatrade and our excellent Consumer Protection Association rating. Our fitters will be wearing 2Hot2Cold ID and bring their own tea and coffee so you don’t have to worry about making them refreshments. Although, they might not say no to the occasional cuppa. They’re human after all Meet the 2Hot2Cold fitters.
Will your fitters show ID?
Of course. As well as carrying identification our fitters will arrive in a van with full 2Hot2Cold livery and will be wearing 2Hot2Cold shirts so that they can be easily identified.
Will I need to make a planning application?
No, you will not need to submit a planning application for an insulated ceiling as your ceiling is installed internally and does not change the external height or aesthetic of your conservatory.
Can a new insulated ceiling be fitted to an old conservatory?
An insulated ceiling can be installed in any conservatory if it is in good condition.
Can your fitters repair or replace conservatory panels?
No. This work will need to be undertaken by a glazing company. Your 2Hot2Cold ceiling will not affect your ability to replace and repair panels. Obviously it will be better if faulty roof panels are replaced before your ceiling is installed to prevent major leaks. Should you be experiencing minor leaks then our fitters can seal panes from inside as a temporary fix.
I have a glass roof, will I be able to see the insulation from the outside?
No, a white lining is applied to the inside of the glass before the layer of insulation is installed. For a breakdown of the installation process see insulated conservatory ceilings.
Will the insulated ceiling make my conservatory too dark?
No. Our insulated ceilings are finished with white PVCu which reflects the light coming in from the windows. Our insulated ceiling will reduce glare and stop your furnishings from fading without reducing natural light.
I have a central light, will this be removed?
This depends upon its location. If a light fitting is attached to a central rafter then we will usually leave it in place and install the ceiling around it.
Can I have lights on my insulated ceiling?
Yes. We will be happy to wire your ceiling so that you can install light fittings of your choice. Our fitters are not certified electricians however so you will need to fit and install the actual light fittings yourselves or arrange for an electrician to fit them. Also, if you have an existing light fitting attached to a central rafter we will leave it in place and install the ceiling around it.
I have a roof opening/skylight – will I lose it?
In the majority of cases, it is possible to keep existing openings or skylights but this would need to be assessed on-site. We would recommend a survey so that we can best advise.
How do I maintain my insulated ceiling?
A PVCu insulated ceiling is maintenance-free. You may need to occasionally wipe it over with a damp cloth or brush away the cobwebs but it should need little or no attention. If you opt for a plasterboard ceiling it will need repainting along with the other ceilings in your property.
Can I pay be credit card?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards and are backed by the Consumer Protection Association so any payments made are protected. Please be aware there is a fee payable on all credit card payments.
How does CPA differ from my credit card insurance?
Consumer Protection Association (CPA) protection works on the same principle as credit card insurance in that the customer is protected even if the supplier fails to provide the product or service which has been paid for or fails to carry out repairs under warranty.

The CPA is a non-profit organisation set up solely to protection consumers. You won’t need to pay for CPA protection.

2Hot2Cold cover the cost for you.

How much deposit do I pay when I book?
A 25% deposit is payable to book an installation, the remainder is due on completion. All payments made are protected by the Consumer Protection Association.
What guarantees and warranties do you offer?
A 2Hot2Cold ceiling will come with a 5 year service guarantee and a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on materials.

A 2Hot2Cold roof will come with a 10 year service guarantee and a 40 year manufacturer’s warranty on materials.

Will I lose ceiling height?
No. Our insulation is super slim (only 10mm) and slots between the bars of your conservatory roof, our PVC-U panelling fits across the bars so it is unlikely that you will notice any difference.
What if my conservatory needs external repairs?
External repairs to glass panels, fibreglass or tiles will not affect the insulated ceiling.
Can my existing central light stay in place?
Yes, we can usually leave an existing central light in place. We can also install wiring for new light fittings if desired although our fitters are not certified electricians so you will need to fit and install the actual light fittings yourselves or arrange for an electrician to fit them.
Will the insulated ceiling be too heavy for my existing roof?
No. 2Hot2Cold insulation and panelling materials are extremely light and will not effect the structure of your conservatory. 2Hot2Cold use 10mm Aluthermo which is considerably more effective than other insulations available.
If my roof is leaking, can you fix it before fitting an insulated ceiling?
Unfortunately not. You will need to ensure your roof is not leaking before an insulated ceiling can be fitted.
What ventilation does an insulated conservatory ceiling require?
A PVC-U conservatory with a 2Hot2Cold ceiling requires just an inch gap around the perimeter of the insulation so as to allow breathing space between the bars.

When installing a 2Hot2Cold ceiling on a timber framed conservatory our fitters install air vents into internal ceiling support joists. These air vents allow air to freely circulate between the conservatory roof and 2Hot2Cold’s PVC-U ceiling panels. Airflow is necessary because timber frames allow heat to be absorbed into the ceiling cavity and this can build up into hotspots. Air vents allow this heat to be evenly distributed across the entire ceiling cavity preventing a build-up of heat in one area.

2Hot2Cold have a Checkatrade Satisfaction Rating of 9.92

(July 2018, based on 367 reviews)

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Our customers give us consistently good reviews on Checkatrade and we are extremely proud of our 9.92 average score. We have been installing insulated ceilings and lightweight tiled roofs for over 15 years and take pride in our work, making every effort to ensure our customers are completely happy with their refurbished conservatories.

  • Reliability & Timekeeping – 9.92
  • Tidiness – 9.90
  • Courtesy – 9.95
  • Workmanship – 9.94

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