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Written by Caroline Slater

Getting Your Conservatory Eco Christmas Ready!

We may be bias, but we honestly believe that a conservatory can be a great place for celebrating Christmas, whether that’s by setting up a table and inviting family members for Christmas lunch or by gathering round a tree to open your presents.


With so many concerns about Covid, celebrating in your conservatory means the ability to  regularly open doors and windows so that you are well ventilated. But at the same time, we know lots of you want to celebrate in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way this Christmas too. So, if you’re staring at your conservatory wondering how you can transform it from a cold and damp dumping ground to an eco-friendly winter wonderland, here are a few of our favourite ideas and top tips:


  • Check and repair. Before you start decorating the tree, do a quick check for leaks and cracks – the last thing you want is rain dripping on your head on Christmas day! Check that gutters are clear from debris.
  • Add soft furnishing. Draughts and cold floors can make a conservatory uncomfortable so how about introducing festive cushions and throws. A splash of colour can make all the difference. Charity shops are always worth a visit or ask friends if they have anything they not using, adopting a “recycle and re-use” mentality. You want rugs for the floor, draught excluders for windowsills and doorways and lots of cushions for that feeling of opulence.
  • Add a centre piece. Have a look around your house and see if there is anything that you could turn into a seasonal centrepiece. Do you have a special ornament that you could surround in holly and cover with a sprinkling of edible glitter? Can you forage for some natural decorations? Ferns, holly, ivy, laurel, mistletoe – they all grow naturally and getting out and about foraging is a great way to get into the festive spirit.
  • Fairy lights. You may not think of fairy lights as environmentally friendly but shop around as there are some eco-friendly lights now available. And nothing says Christmas quite like twinkly lights against a dark December sky.
  • Eco Dining. There are a hundred and one ways to cut your environmental footprint when it comes Christmas entertaining and Christmas lunch. Abandon plastic cupboards or plates for reusable bamboo or good old fashioned washable crockery. Source food locally from Christmas markets, farm shops and local producers. It will taste better and helps support your local community. Try and avoid waste by giving guests doggy bags, by freezing leftovers and using waste as compost.
  • Natural packaging. Wrapping paper can be a big source of waste. Use brown paper and decorate it with recycled ribbons or save wrapping paper and reuse next year.
  • Eco gifting. Gone are the days of cheap plastic gifts made the other side of the world. Shopping local can take more time but it’s nearly always worth it as hand crafted gifts generally last longer and just feel more special. Buy smaller, fewer gifts if you’re worried about it being more expensive to buy from local artisans. Most people understand if you tell them what you’re planning in advance and many may be relieved if you suggest you don’t exchange presents this year.
  • Spread the word. Most of us are trying to do our bit for the environment and by telling your friends and family about the steps you’re taking, it may encourage and inspire them to do the same.


And your New Year’s Resolution?

If your conservatory is cold, leaky, draughty and not terribly energy efficient, then you are definitely losing heat and spending unnecessarily on your heating bills. Make it your New Year’s resolution to get a new conservatory ceiling or roof and transform your conservatory into a smart new space at the same time.  

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