UK homes need to reduce their carbon footprint by 3.6 tonnes of CO2 by 2030 if the UK is to meet its target of an 80% UK-wide reduction in emissions by 2050.

This is the level of reduction required in order to tackle dangerous climate change. Here’s why a new conservatory roof could go a long way to helping.

According to the Committee on Climate Change last year, “energy use in homes which accounts for 14% of total UK emissions – increased between 2016 and 2017.” At the same time, other research indicates that 40% of us UK householders are worried that we can’t keep our homes warm during the winter. It all paints a worrying picture.

Don’t turn up the heating

As we head towards the coldest time of the year, it feels natural to turn up the heating a couple of notches, fill up the kettle and run a hot bath. Especially if your home is a little bit draughty. But research suggests that a large number of homes in the UK are not properly insulated which means not only are you literally throwing away money, but by turning up the heating in order to feel snug, energy is escaping through windows, doors, ceilings and roofs and adding to the UK’s harmful emissions. And nobody wants that.

Insulation has a significant role to play

As householders, we can all make a difference. Experts agree that improving home insulation across the nation is one of the major ways we can cut harmful emissions. In fact, it’s estimated that the average household could reduce its emissions by 0.6 tonnes of CO2 per year by using energy efficiency measures which include better insulation.

So, what can you do?

The chances are, that in the next 12 months, you’ll plan some home improvements. Perhaps you want to redecorate, renovate or refurbish. But as you plan what you’d like to do, one of the most important considerations you ought to take into account is whether your home is properly insulated, especially if you have a conservatory.

How energy efficient your conservatory is will depend on when and how it was built. Conservatories built in the 1980s and 90s are notoriously poor for energy efficiency. But even newer conservatories can have issues. The level of energy efficiency will depend on the quality of the glazing, whether your conservatory has an insulated ceiling and the quality of the tiles.

Taking the first step

Our replacement roof system includes sophisticated insulation to ensure high thermal performance. The overall U-value of a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) rafter system ranges from an impressive 0.16 W/(m2K) through to an exceptional 0.12 W/(m2K). Our double lined, slim and lightweight UPVC ceiling panels add an additional layer of insulation and sound proofing.

What’s more, the chances are, it will cost less than you think to replace your conservatory roof and save you money on your heating bills. Better still, it would be a step forward against the negative effects of climate change.

So why not fill in our easy form for a free quote today and start planning for a better tomorrow.

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