Insulated conservatory ceilings

Conservatory too hot in the Summer?

Too cold in the winter?

Better temperature

Eliminate sun glare

Lower utility bills

Cure condensation and mould

Protect from sun bleaching

Dampen noise

Insulated conservatory ceilings

A 2Hot2Cold insulated ceiling will retain warmth through the Winter, yet repel the suns rays so that your conservatory is cooler through the Summer. Ceilings have a slight sheen thus reflecting light, transforming your conservatory into a beautiful room that can be enjoyed all year around.

Before : Installing an insulated conservatory ceiling

The roof is cleaned and prepared

Installing an insulated conservatory ceiling

Your choice of ceiling

Installing an insulated conservatory ceiling

Film applied to ‘glass’ roofs

Installing an insulated conservatory ceiling

Trims and seals for quality finish

Installing an insulated conservatory ceiling

Layer of high performing insulation

Fully covered work

Aluthermo Quattro insulation

Multi reflective and multi-layer

Fire protection and water resistance

Roof membrane and vapour barrier

No shrinkage and rot proof

No loss of room height

Dampens the external noise

PVCu finishes

Easy to clean - hygienic and wipe clean

Better temperature regulation with double lining

Maintenance free

Durable and cost effective

Non-porous and mould resistant

Dampens the external noise

Finish options : Insulated conservatory ceiling

Better Temperature: Cooler in summer, warmer in winter

Eliminate Sun Glare: On TV and computer screens creating a more user friendly space

Lower Utilities bills: Our insulation operating temperatures are -40c to +80c

Cure Condensation and Mould: Our insulated ceilings include discreet air vents and space for your conservatory to breath

Protection from Sun Bleaching: Reduce sun bleaching of furniture and carpets

Dampen Noise: For example - heavy rain, noisy neighbours or traffic

No Loss of Room Height: Our ceilings are built to match the current pitch of your roof