Sheesh – Feb/March 2018 has been one of the coldest spells for some years with temperatures plummeting below minus 7. Schools were closed, we were advised not to travel and for many it meant turning the heating up several notches . . . thermal underwear . . . an extra blanket – bbbbrrrrrrrr!

You can safely that say that it has been extreme weather. So how cold was YOUR conservatory? Did you whack up the heating or shut the doors and hang an ‘out of bounds’ sign on the door?
Conservatories are made predominantly of glass, ultimately other than demolishing it and building a wonderful new extension there isn’t really a 100% cure…. come on, even solid brick homes were freezing cold!

Modern conservatories now have triple glazing, but for those with single or double glazing and know that re-glazing would be too costly here’s some other tips to consider :

  • Check that window and doors are draught-proofed so that you’re not losing heat through bad joints or seals
  • Blinds and drapes can be opened to let in light, however closed to help retain warmth. Similarly throws and blankets on sofas/chairs can create additional warmth and take the edge off cold surfaces, particularly on leather chairs or sofas.
  • Underfloor heating or carpets with underlay is good. Some floor tiles now act as an ‘insulator’ however minimal warmth is apparently lost via the floor. It’s more that a bare floor can ‘feel’ cold underfoot.  A rug may well do the trick!
  • Many conservatories aren’t connected to the main heating system, so we suggest leaving the house doors open or fitting something along the lines of the Conservex radiator. It is neat, tidy and works on a plug. Did you know that its more efficient to keep a
  • radiator turned on at a low heat so that a healthy temperature is maintained through the winter months rather than switching it on and off?
  • But of course you can do all of the above …. but what’s the point if you’re losing all that lovely warmth through your polycarbonate or glass roof ??
  • Yup – that’s where an insulated conservatory ceiling starts to kick into play. Call now for a free quotation on 0800 695 8228.

We’re not saying in any way shape or form that an insulated ceiling will 100% CURE the extremities of last week however preventing heat from being lost via the roof is definitely another step towards making your conservatory as efficient as possible.

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