Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a bit more space at home? That extra room where you could
work, or where the children could get on with their homework. Or perhaps just a quiet and
calm room where you can go to escape the hustle and bustle of family life!

Reclaim your conservatory

If you’ve got a pre-existing conservatory that you’re not using because it’s too hot, too cold
or too expensive to heat, then there’s a really quick, easy and affordable way to reclaim that
space. A new insulated conservatory ceiling and roof instantly transforms an old
conservatory into a welcoming and functional space.

Instant transformation

A 2Hot2Cold ceiling and roof replacement is lightweight and can be adapted to more or less
any conservatory of any shape and size. It uses modern materials and sophisticated
insulation which makes it highly thermally efficient, so your conservatory will never be too
cold in winter or too hot in the summer.

Better still, by installing a new roof and ceiling, you get more privacy from overlooking
buildings and better sound proofing from external noise. And all the materials and work are
government approved and Building Regulation compliant. Work can usually be completed
within a day giving you almost instant extra space at an affordable price!

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