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Written by Caroline Slater

Pros and cons of a replacement conservatory roof

Most traditional conservatories have a glass roof because historically, strict regulations meant conservatories had to have a glass or polycarbonate roof. But in 2010, the regulations were changed to allow other materials to be used. As a result, if you’re not happy with your conservatory at the moment, you now have the option to replace it with a stylish and practical new roof, rather than just demolish it. That begs the question, what are the advantages of opting for a replacement conservatory roof and are there any disadvantages?

The advantages

1. Maintenance and longevity

If you’re fed up with looking up at a dirty conservatory roof or having to get out your ladder and somehow clean inside and out, then you’ll see an instant improvement with a replacement ceiling and roof.
The inside of our replacement systems are ultra low maintenance just like the ceilings in the rest of your house. If you opt for the PVCu ceiling then a quick dust now and then will keep it looking great and at most, you might need to wipe it down with a damp cloth occasionally. With the plasterboard ceiling, it will just need redecorating like your other ceilings. With realistic looking, lightweight tiles on the outside, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the outside at all!
Glass isn’t known for being sturdy and robust and broken panes can be just that…a pain! Even more so with some older conservatories with a wooden frame where mold and rot can be a problem. Compare that to a 2Hot2Cold roof which comes with a 10 year service guarantee and an amazing 40 year manufacturer’s warranty on materials. In fact, the system we use is designed to outlast competitor fibreglass, traditional build, glass and polycarbonate roofing systems.

2. Noise

As much as you love your conservatory, you may struggle with the noise at times, especially if it’s raining! This all changes with a replacement roof which softens and absorbs the noise and means you can hear yourself think again but still enjoy feeling snug in your conservatory while a storm lashes down outside.

3. Privacy and security

Privacy and security can both be big issues. The last thing you want is to feel like you’re being overlooked by your neighbours when they are upstairs in their home and have a bird’s eye view of what you’re up to. This is even more so when you have computers, electrics or any valuables in your conservatory.
What’s more, you can feel vulnerable knowing that a ‘would be’ burglar just has to smash one or two of your conservatory roof panes and they’ve got easy access into your home! Cue a replacement roof system which solves both problems, giving you much needed security and privacy in one solution.

4. Aesthetics

Part of the charm of a conservatory is the design and you might be reluctant to lose the conservatory feel. But take a look at some of our conservatories which have our replacement roof systems. They are designed with style in mind, using the latest materials. The result is they look fabulous inside and out, allowing you to keep the conservatory feel but with a sleek and stylish finish.

5. Flexibility

Next may come to mind whether a conservatory roof can be fitted to your particular conservatory. Perhaps it’s an unusual size, or you’re worried about weight. The good news is that we can fit a new conservatory roof to almost any conservatory. How? Because we use innovative lightweight but durable materials and a construction system that means we can adapt to most size and shapes. If you want to know more, just send us your dimensions and we’ll double check for you!

6. Cost, time and space!

Finally, you may be wondering whether it is going to require major construction work to replace your conservatory roof and cost a small fortune. And again, we’ve got more good news. Most replacement conservatory roofs take no more than a couple of days to install and they don’t require major construction work. In fact, our installers don’t leave any mess behind…that’s one of our promises!
You’ll also find that with the new roof in place, you’ll start saving money on heating bills because our systems are really thermal efficient. That means, your conservatory will be nice and cool in the summer and warm in the winter and you’ll be saving money as well. You might even find it makes your home more appealing when you come to sell.
So, what does it all cost? Well obviously without knowing the dimensions of your conservatory, we can’t tell you exactly what it will cost But if you give us a call, we’ll very quickly be able to give you a rough idea (and no we won’t subject you to a hard sell). What we can tell you now is that compared to pulling your conservatory down and starting again, or moving home to get more space, you’ll find our conservatory roofs, a really affordable alternative!
The disadvantages
If you’re thinking all this sounds too good to be true, you’ll probably also be wondering what the disadvantages are of a new conservatory roof. We’ve had a long, hard think about this, and in all honesty, we’re struggling to think of any. If you’re not getting much use out your conservatory at the moment, are paying too much on bills or just need more useable space, you might just find our replacement roofs are the perfect solution. So why not give us a call to find out!

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