Over the years there has been an increase in people that ‘claim’ to be roofers. Traders like these not only giving a bad reputation to the industry, but also causing a great amount of money, time, and stress to the homeowners. And putting everyone’s health and safety in danger.

Being aware of the rogue traders is crucial. But it is also very easy to detect them.

Many accreditations and certificates are present to make sure you can identify the cowboy builders and work with the trustworthy tradesmen.

The checklist to make sure your fitters are trustworthy would be;

–    Check their accreditations. Make sure the trading status of the company is legit and valid.

–    Check their credits. There are several crediting authorities to make sure that the company you are working with is registered and responsible.

–    Always sign a contract. Some builders might say that there is no need for a contract for the job. But remember that the contract is your guarantee and legal document.

–    Check their references. Who else can give you a better idea about a builder’s work than their previous customers? Asking for references to the previous works of the builders will give you a piece of mind and make sure that they are reputable traders. Checkatrade is also a great source for precious customer feedbacks.

You can see more about our certifications and memberships here.

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