You want to use your conservatory as a home office. But every time you are looking at your computer, all you can see is a big glare on your screen that is making it impossible to read your emails. Or you just put your new TV in your conservatory to see a nice movie with your family. But the screen has such a bright shine on, and kids are complaining they can’t see anything.

Sun’s glare on screens restricts vision and can be irritating. Also, trying to see a screen with glare may cause eye strain and discomfort.

An insulated conservatory ceiling will block the harmful sun rays and provide you with a more even light which brightens your conservatory; rather than strong direct sun flash.

2Hot2Cold offers a wide range of finishes for your insulated conservatory ceilings. All the options we offer will be helping your conservatory to be more convenient with electronic screens, as well as helping to reduce the external noise, preventing condensation and mould issues, protecting fabrics from sun bleaching, lowering heating cost, and providing better temperatures all year round.

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