Conservatories are amazingly light spaces, where you can enjoy spending time. Well, that’s the idea in principle. But it doesn’t always feel this way. So, if you’re struggling with too much sunlight, not enough light or a feeling that everyone can see what you’re doing, in this post we explore some of the possible solutions.

You had a dream

When planning a conservatory, most people imagine a wonderfully warm extra space to enjoy, with the light flooding in all day, house plants thriving and family members spending time relaxing together.

However, the reality is that all that glass can often create more problems than it solves,  with some conservatories getting so much light it becomes unbearable, others not getting enough and some simply feeling like you’re sitting in a goldfish bowl where the whole world can see what you’re up to!

But it’s just too bright!

If your conservatory is south facing, there’s every chance that on a sunny day, it just gets too much light. Warm summer sunshine may be fine first thing in the morning but as the sun rises higher and moves up and over the top of your conservatory, you can slowly start to feel like you’re being boiled alive. House plants wilt, furniture fades and everyone heads for the house. Not what you imagined your conservatory would be like.

The solution?

Your first option may be to fit blinds to absorb some of the light, but these come with a couple of problems. For a start, because blinds absorb rather than reflect the light, they can make your conservatory quite dark, cutting out much of the natural light that you so wanted in the first place. They’re also quite high maintenance. They tend to gather dust and cobwebs and often fade quickly. In order to keep them clean and fresh, it’s out with a ladder and a fairly major job to get them either washed (fabric blinds) or to give them a good wipe down.

Insulated ceilings

Your second option is installing an insulated ceiling. The material used in a 2Ho2Cold ceiling reflects the light back into the conservatory, and combined with the natural light from the windows, creates a warm and pleasant glow.A beautiful finished 2Hot2Cold ceiling

An insulated ceiling also protects furniture from fade and as the name suggest, insulates your conservatory, so it doesn’t overheat in the summer (or get too cold in the winter). And it gives you back some valuable privacy from anyone who overlooks you from next door.

Kept in the dark!

If your conservatory is north facing you may have the opposite problem. You never seem to get enough sunshine to properly warm up your conservatory which can feel cold and be prone to damp.

The solution?

Blinds probably won’t work in this situation because they’ll block out more light, be hard to maintain and could deteriorate with the damp. And they won’t help to keep the conservatory warm on a cold day.

An insulated ceiling will help ensure a north facing conservatory stays warm and damp free, even in the winter. Our ceilings also reflect a surprising amount of light back into the room, so rather than making it darker, it can make your conservatory feel light and bright.

If you’re still worried about how much light your conservatory gets, it is sometimes possible to install a skylight into the insulated ceiling. This is something we would want to discuss with you. Obviously, a skylight could have an effect on the overall level of insulation and protection against condensation. On the other hand, a skylight can add extra light and create a stylish looking finish. Whether it’s right for you will depend on your particular circumstances but it’s definitely worth giving us a call to discuss it further.

And the goldfish bowl!

It can be hard to imagine quite how exposed you can feel in your conservatory, especially at night or if you have neighbours whose upstairs rooms overlook you.

The solution

The solution to this is simple. Either an insulated ceiling, a new conservatory roof or both, will instantly give you back your privacy and a feeling of security. They also provide lots of other benefits such as a better insulated space that doesn’t get too hot or too cold, a smart looking finish and an easy to maintain space.

You don’t have to be a goldfish. And you don’t have to be too hot, too cold or kept in the dark. Give us a call today on 0800 695 8228 to discuss which is the best solution for your conservatory.

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