And enjoy having more space!  

When it’s wet outside and the children need room to play, make use of your old conservatory to give you the extra room you need. Don’t feel daunted by the fact your conservatory is too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter or needs repairs. Renovating and refreshing your conservatory is probably much quicker (and more affordable) than you think. It’s certainly easier than moving home or having an expensive extension.

From tired, old conservatory to stunning new space 

By installing an insulated conservatory ceiling into your old conservatory, it will regulate the temperature, come rain or shine. It also reduces damp, sun glare and external noise. And if it’s just a ceiling that is installed, we can normally do that in a day (depending on the shape and size of your conservatory).

As a playroom, your conservatory is a self-contained, safe and comfortable environment where toys can be stored at the end of the day – or left out. And of course, children are brilliant at being noisy particularly when you’re trying to talk, listen on the phone or concentrate! Using your conservatory as a playroom means you can close the door – keeping your children safe whilst giving you the peace and quiet you sometimes need.

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