Are your conservatory walls or your furnishings feeling a little damp?

Have you noticed mould creeping up the walls of your conservatory? Or a musty smell? If so, don’t panic!

Condensation can be a common problem in conservatories but it can be eliminated by installing an insulated conservatory ceiling.

Cause and effect

One of the main causes of mould is condensation in a conservatory. It’s caused when the warmer internal air comes into contact with cooler surfaces of the uninsulated conservatory. This is made worse if you close your conservatory doors to keep the rest of the house warm because that reduces the ventilation.

Equally, however, a cold conservatory will cause damp as cold air contains moisture. If it’s not addressed, it can lead to unsightly damage and even create health problems. That’s why it’s so important to prevent condensation in your conservatory before it has the chance to lead to mould growth.

So, what’s the answer?

You need to fit a properly ventilated PVC-U ceiling or install a tiled roof. It’s that simple and probably not as expensive or as disruptive as you might think. A properly fitted PVC ceiling is specifically designed to include discreet air vents and space to allow your conservatory to breathe. A conservatory roof or ceiling also keeps the warmth in your conservatory all year round which greatly reduces the opportunity for damp and condensation to form. And because your conservatory is nice and snug in the winter, you don’t feel the need to have to shut the doors so much.

And the really good news?

A PVC ceiling is very low maintenance and waterproof. But better still a PVC ceiling and a tiled roof looks really stylish and will add a whole new lease of life to your home and conservatory.

Don’t ignore mould. The solution is just a phone call away!

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