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Written by Lucy Pitts

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Why choose our conservatory roofing system?

Because it’s versatile

Our roofing systems can be used with nearly all existing conservatories including those made with glass, fibreglass and polycarbonate roofing. They look fantastic and are high performance. 

Because they have an innovative and state of the art design

Our roofing system combines 5 layers of high performing materials with intelligent design. Our roofing system is made up of:

  1. Glass Reinforced Plastic rafters. GRP rafters are lightweight, environmentally friendly and durable. They’re not prone to wood worm, bridging, or moisture absorption like many traditional rafter materials.
  2. Our insulation sheets. As an alternative to traditional plasterboard, we use insulation sheets which are 100% waterproof and one third the weight of plasterboard. They provide additional insulation but also allow for a plaster skim finish.
  3. High performance insulation. Insulation has come along way in the last few years and our insulation sheets provide high value thermal efficiency and are BBA certified.
  4. Our outer sheet. Our outer sheets have been carefully designed to act as a significantly lighter alternative to plywood or other materials. They’re 100% waterproof and add another layer of thermal protection.
  5. High quality, stylish tiles. We use Tapco or Metrotile which both have a classic look but are lightweight and durable.

It’s long lasting and high quality 

The Leka roof system has been subjected to rigorous testing. As a result our conservatory roofs come with an amazing 40-year warranty.

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