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Written by Lucy Pitts

Why replacing your conservatory roof matters?

September is definitely a time for DIY around the home and preparing for winter so in our last post we shared a list of things that need doing to make your conservatory “winter ready”.


As you assess your list of DIY tasks and home improvements, you no doubt need to prioritise some. Being a conservatory roof and ceiling replacement company, we’re obviously going to say that you should put replacing your conservatory roof at the top of your list. But despite our bias, there are a number of very good reasons why you should.


  1. Age

If you have an older conservatory built in the 1980s and 90s, then they are probably getting towards the end of their natural life. That doesn’t mean you have to pull them down and start again, but they will need some work. And one of the most affordable, quickest and easiest things you can do this, is replace the roof. New lightweight materials mean we can add one of our new roofs to almost any existing frame, the result being your conservatory is given a new lease of life.


  1. Insulation

Heat rises. Most of us know that. But that means any heat in your conservatory will be lost through its roof. In the winter, it can mean you are throwing money away as you try to keep your conservatory warm. Unfortunately, polycarbonate and glass roofs just aren’t thermally efficient, but our replacement roofs offer really fantastic levels of insulation, keeping the heat in and saving you money on bills.


So what about the summer? Remember last month when temperatures soared? Well anyone with a glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof will tell you that things got pretty hot inside their conservatory … a lobster in a boiling pot springs to mind.


  1. Maintenance and durability

In our last blog we gave you a list of DIY jobs to keep you busy in the autumn. But with a new conservatory roof, most of these chores become a thing of the past. No more cleaning or mending broken panes. Lots of time to spend doing something else! Better still, our roofs are extremely long lasting and come with their own guarantee, so you can tick roof repairs off your list for a nice long time! 


  1. Looks!

The idea of a see-through roof is lovely…sitting in your armchair looking up at the sky. But the reality is that glass gets dirty quickly and polycarbonate is often opaque. They can also both look tired very quickly.


One thing we get lots of comments about, is how elegant our replacement ceilings are from inside and how natural, neat and tidy our imitation slate roofs are from outside.  You may not be able to see the stars, but you will get that nice glow of satisfaction that comes with having a beautiful home.


  1. Enjoyment

It’s one thing listening to the pitter patter of light rain, but it’s not funny or pleasant when the sound of drain drowns out everything else so you can’t even hear yourself think! Neither is it nice knowing that your neighbour has a bird’s eye view of what you’re up to from his upstairs bedroom window. A new conservatory roof gives you back your privacy and some much needed peace and quiet.


There is no doubt that as you plan your list of home improvements and DIY, you need to factor in what projects you are going to get the most out of in the long term. You also need to factor in hassle value, cost and any increase to the value of the home.


A new conservatory roof ticks all the right boxes. It’s affordable, it’s easy to arrange and it will give you years of use of your conservatory come rain or shine. And if you decide to sell your home, you have an updated, stylish looking conservatory with a guarantee for the roof. To us, that makes it a no brainer. But why don’t you give us a call to find out more.

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