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Written by Lucy Pitts

With tighter COVID 19 restrictions Can I still get my conservatory roof replaced?

‘And is it safe to do so?
This is another question we get asked a lot at the moment and even as we write this, the Government are holding a COBRA meeting agreeing what new restrictions need to be brought in. It would now appear obvious (if it didn’t already) that our lives are going to continue to be restricted for many months to come. So what does that mean in terms of getting work done on your house?
Whilst we can’t tell you about what other service providers are doing, we can tell you about precautions and measurers we’ve out in place and what we’re doing to continue to ensure we can install your new roof safely.

1. Our COVID Safety statement
Please feel free to check out our COVID safety statement which you’ll find on our website here: ‘statement-on-covid-19-and-our-work’
This broadly outlines the measures we have in place, whether that’s how we prepare a quote or install your new conservatory roof. These measures include:

  • Providing contactless quotes and estimates remotely. We do this by asking you to send us photos and measurements of your conservatory. If for any reason it was essential, we can also visit your property whilst keeping a suitable distance from you.
  • Contactless installation. In most instances, we can invite you to close the door to the rest of your home so that our installers can operate without coming into any contact with you.
  • Enhanced cleaning and hygiene. At 2Hot2Cold we are being rigorous in our approach to hygiene and social distancing. This includes all aspects of our operations – from mask wearing, social distancing amongst our installation teams and at HQ, rigorous self-isolation when appropriate, additional cleaning of materials, equipment and premises and re-enforced personal hygiene and hand washing. Please rest assured, we’re taking this very seriously and are doing everything we can to ensure your safety and the safety of our teams.

2. Current Government advice
We will continue to operate within Government advice and any news laws. We’re watching the situation closely and acting accordingly. At present, we are still able to operate in accordance with Government advice. Should this change, and you have an ongoing project with us, we will contact you.

3. Your role
We do ask that you let us know if you are self-isolating or ill. If it becomes necessary to rearrange your installation, that’s fine and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate this.

4. Delays due to sickness
We’re hoping to operate as normal but with great restrictions and testing in place, it may be at times that we have significant staff sickness, or difficulties with logistics. We’ll do everything within our power to mitigate this and continue to provide our services as and when promised. But we do ask you to bear with us if we have to re-arrange an installation.

5. Planned projects
For many, the lockdown of earlier this year, made us re-think our home environment, and it may be that you had decided to maximise the potential of your home by getting a new conservatory roof and making your conservatory a useable space. There is no reason why these plans cannot still go ahead. And in fact, there is every reason why you should go ahead as planned.
With a long and difficult winter ahead, your home environment is going to be more important than ever. It needs to be useable, practical and energy efficient. But it also needs to be aesthetically pleasing too. The chances are you’re going to need your home to be your office, your home, your holiday location and your place to unwind. Every inch of space needs to be doing its bit.
As outline above, we can still operate safely and are continuing to do so. We want to do everything we can to help: and we can do that by helping you get more out of your home and by keeping our installers employed and working. We are very grateful to everyone from clients to suppliers for your continued support this year. And we look forward to installing your new roof soon.

Please get in touch for a quote or to find out more.

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