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Conservatory Roof - TR1

Edwardian glass roof, replaced with a tiled roof, but frame needed additional support

Glass conservatory roof

Remove glass panes and replace with insulation

Second layer of insulation

With a shiplap ceiling finish.

External view

osb boards

Breathable membrane

Final Finishing

Tapco slate tiles Chestnut Brown

Conservatory Roof - TR2

Glass roof, remove panes and utilise frame

Glass panes are removed

Panes removed

Replaced with insulation panels

Additional insulation

View of insulation

The roof is boarded

Breathable membrane added before tiling

Skylights and ceiling are then installed

This is a white ash ceiling finish

Conservatory Roof - TR3

Fully replaced polycarbonate roof frame for a more shapely Edwardian tiled roof

Conservatory Roof - LEKA4

Glass roof fully replaced with LEKA warm roof

Glass Edwardian shaped conservatory

Roof is removed

LEKA roof frame fitted

Insulation panels are installed

Breathable membrane


Pewter grey Tapco slate tiles


Roofs - LEKA2

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