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An insulated conservatory ceiling will significantly reduce your heating and air conditioning bills.

It will eliminate mould and condensation, making this a superb option for those with roofs that are otherwise in good condition.

The result is a stylish, low maintenance ceiling with reduced sun glare, bleaching and external noise.

The superior insulating material used is waterproof, fire-resistant and has an acoustic attenuation of 22db. No planning permission is required

Converting your glass roof to an insulated ceiling
Is your conservatory always too hot or too cold? Are you looking for an affordable way to transform it back into a beautiful, useable space?

Affordable and money saving
Installing an insulated conservatory ceiling is an affordable and effective way of insulating your conservatory.

All the 2Hot2Cold insulation materials are extremely light and we use 10mm Aluthermo insulation. This is made up of 7 layers and acts as an insulating material, vapour barrier and roof membrane all in one.

It’s ultra-thin, and is up to 13% more effective than 200 mm of mineral wool with a U-value of just 0.175.

The result is that our insulated ceiling won’t cost you the earth to install but will significantly reduce your heating and air conditioning bills, turning your conservatory into a place that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Environmentally friendly
The Government is committed to ensuring UK homes are more energy efficient with lower energy bills. By insulating your conservatory ceiling, you will be reducing your carbon footprint, helping address the climate emergency and supporting the UK target of net zero emissions. Materials conform with approved materials and thereby qualifies for the reduced 5% VAT

High quality and long lasting
The design and quality of the materials we use have a number of advantages for your home. Sun glare, furniture bleaching and condensation are eliminated. Outside noise is reduced as a result of excellent acoustic attenuation of 22 decibels and privacy is increased.
The superior insulating material used are waterproof and fire-resistant. A 2Hot2Cold ceiling also comes with a 5-year service guarantee and a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on materials or complete peace of mind.

Low maintenance
Your new insulated ceiling is virtually maintenance free. The uPVC finish won’t crack, warp or stain. The colour won’t fade and at worse needs only a wipe with a damp cloth to keep it looking as fresh and clean as new.

Super stylish
We offer a choice in upvc ceiling finish; white wood embedded, ash, gloss or traditional shiplap. The white uPVC reflects the light coming in from the windows, to create a stunning ambience

Easy to install
Our conservatory ceilings can normally be fitted in one day (two days for large areas). Our ceilings can be fitted to almost any existing conservatory and no planning permission is required. Our fitters will leave your conservatory as clean and tidy as they found it.

So, if you want to smarten up your existing conservatory, save money and win back valuable space, a 2Hot2Cold insulated ceiling may be the answer.

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