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Written by Lucy Pitts

Love Your Lean To

Lean to conservatories come in all shapes and sizes and the best description of a lean to is a type of simple structure originally added to an existing building with the rafters “leaning” against another wall. Some of the older lean to structures sometimes get bad press as being a bit dated and shabby, but actually, there’s lots you can do to breathe new life into your lean to.

How can I update my lean to?

The most common complaints that we see about a conservatory lean to is that they are too hot, too cold, they leak, are damp, look shabby and dated, or are difficult to maintain. And the good news is that there is one way to deal with all those complaints and that is to replace the roof.    

Can you replace a lean to roof?

In order to categorically say yes, we do need to know a bit more about the details of your lean to, such as the age, the pitch of the roof, etc. But we can replace most roofs including a flat roof or one with a very shallow pitch and we are experienced in replacing lean to roofs.

What’s more, the difference can be transformational. A new roof will improve the insulation qualities of your lean to – or in other words, no more too hot, too cold and too draughty and it should also help reduce your heating bills. It also means no more leaky roof so you can start to think about refurbishing the inside. Our roof replacement systems are lightweight but very long lasting and fully weatherproof. Plus, if you’ve previously had a glass or fibreglass roof, you’ll find you have improved privacy and less noise from outside.

Before                 To This 

Transforming the interior

With a smart, clean finish on the inside, it gives the lean to an instant lift, making it look more like a stylish room rather than an old add on to the house. Suddenly soft furnishings and a nice rug or floor are possible and your lean to becomes a useful and enjoyable space to spend time in. Perfect in fact for entertaining guests but keeping to Government guidelines about space and fresh air. And at the end of the day, when your guests have gone home, our replacement roofing systems save you loads of time on cleaning and maintenance!

Covid safe installation

If all that sounds good, and you’d love the chance to refurbish your lean to, then the great news is that we can both survey and install in a Covid safe manner. We’ll talk to you over the phone first and ask you for photos and measurements in order to provide a quote and discuss what will be the most suitable option. Then our installers can operate without having to come into your house and the whole project usually takes no more than a couple of days.

So if you’re looking at your lean to with a slight sense of despair – don’t. Give us a call and let’s work out how we can give some love to your lean to.

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