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Spring into Spring

We’re excited here at 2Hot2Cold. The clocks are changing, the evenings are getting lighter, and you can feel that spring is in the air.

If you’ve got a conservatory, now is the time to give it a little bit of love in order to get it ready for the finer weather. After all, there is nothing better than watching the sun go down in the comfort of your armchair and the privacy of your own conservatory.

So, if your conservatory is looking a little tired after the long winter months, here are five ideas to help you spruce it up and get it ready for the easing of lockdown restrictions:

  1. Go big on botanicals. Botanicals are very much still the trend and you can incorporate them in your conservatory in any number of ways. Wallpaper on a solid wall with a botanical pattern to make it a feature, choosing botanical cushions or blinds, or add some botanical ornaments (think glossy pineapples)!
  2. Replace tired plants. Most houseplants just love being in a conservatory, but after the winter we’ve had, who can blame them if they’re a little jaded. Mandevilla, Bougainvillea, Hoya, Plumbago and Sarracenia all do particularly well, and houseplants have great benefits for our mental health as well as helping to clean the air that we breathe.
  3. Reclaim that table that the kids have been using as a desk during home-schooling and put it in the conservatory. Decorate it with beautiful flowers, your favourite pottery or glassware, or an enormous bowl of chocolate eggs!
  4. Do a deep clean. Ok, so not as much fun as buying cushions and plants, but a really good clean inside and out can do wonders when it comes to washing away the winter dirt and adding a bit of sparkle. Clean any gutters, wash and polish the windows, and if you haven’t used it over the winter check for mould and cobwebs!
  5. Call us, of course!! If you don’t use your conservatory because it’s too hot, too cold, or just too shabby, it may be time to replace your conservatory roof or ceiling. This can not only add to your conservatory’s lifespan, it also reduces the need to clean, provides amazing insulation and probably costs less than you think. It can usually all be done and dusted in just a couple of days and did we mention that our new conservatory ceilings look stunning!

COVID safety compliant
We are still open for business as permitted during the current lockdown. We have worked hard to ensure we can quote and install your conservatory roof in a socially distanced and safe way. We can provide remote quotes and consultations and our installers can install a replacement roof without the need to have any contact with you. Our installers have been trained in safe practices in respect of COVID 19 and will leave your conservatory clean and tidy.

Why not call us now to find out more or to get a no obligation quote.

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